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Wat Thmey Temple

This is a large monastery half way out between the centre of town and Angkor Wat - and is notable for being at the centre of an area that served as the killing fields during the Pol Pot years. In fact some new hotels in the district have their foundations sunk into killing fields soil. Not a pretty thought. 

Wat Thmey features a live in monastery and new temple, as well as grounds in the middle of which is a large stupa, glass sided, with the skulls and bones diligently gathered by local residents in memory of friends and family and villagers who died. 

The monastery has served as a school and orphnage from time to time (in 2009 the small school was closed - but may have reopened again) while most days the site is visited by several tour buses, organised from Japan and Korea. This isn't just holocaust tourism: many of these visitors are also Buddhist, and the site is the main place in Siem Reap to pay homage and remember those who lost their lives.

Wat Thmey Temple Wat Thmey Temple